Why did I write a book on fear?

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Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.” Rudyard Kipling


Fear is on the increase. Look around you – fear is wreaking havoc in lives all over the world. No mountaintop comes without the challenge of climbing over obstacles. And although I would love for life to be easy – it never is. Life seems too comfortable, then hard, then smooth and messy in-between. It’s the challenges, the hardships, the pain and the trials that shape us into who we are. I don’t particularly like pain, and I don’t think you do too. During tough times, our character grows, and strength develops.

Don’t let fear have the final say in your life.

Over the past few years, a dream birthed in my heart – to see people freed from the chains of fear. Because of this desire, I wrote a book, Courage in the Fire (Overcoming a fear-driven life). I discovered that courage is much more exhilarating than fear. With faith in my heart, trust in the Lord and help from others, I could overcome fear.  

A book on fear? How did that come about?

A few years back, my children and I were involved in an armed robbery in our home while my husband was on a missions trip. The aftermath was that fear started having a field day in my life. I wondered if life would ever return to normal. I discovered that after trauma, life can never go back to the way it was before. You are forever changed. I didn’t have control over what happened, but I did have a say about how I was to navigate today and the tomorrows that followed.

You are not alone! If you are battling with any form of fear, I know that you can defeat it too. It just takes time.  

It surprised me to discover that God not only healed me from the fear that arose after that traumatic night, but He healed me from other unknown fears lurking in my life. I write about that as well in the book. Through the tender care of others and experiencing God’s calming love, healing came – and it took longer than I expected – and joy followed.

A few months before the robbery, the mountainside around our home was ablaze with flames. The fire devastated the landscape, however; I discovered that specific proteas needed the extreme heat to germinate. Even though my family and I went through the ‘fire,’ I felt the Lord say to me that if we allowed Him to heal us, our lives could be more beautiful had we not gone through the fire. 

Freedom – a heart’s message.

Throughout the book, I speak about this message that’s embedded deep in my heart. If you allow God to heal your heart from fear and then renew your thinking, your life can be more beautiful than you ever imagined. Fear doesn’t stand a chance when you stand in God’s love!

Proteas need fire to germinate

A friend gave me this painting to remind me that beauty can come after fire. Painting by Kim Black

John Thomas, Chairman of Living Hope: Bringing hope, breaking despair who wrote in the foreword, “Fear is something every one of us struggles with, whether it is an underlying never-ending fear or a momentary fear prompted by some event, or perhaps it is a profound trauma in which the pain and deep anxiety has a total grip over your life.”

I decided initially to write this book as a cathartic measure for healing in my life. What started as the processing of my pain, evolved into a book that I believe will bring healing in many lives in the days that will come.

The antidote to fear is love and faith. We can stand up and conquer fear – it is possible and our lives will be that much richer for it. Therefore, this book is an invitation to you – will you pick it up and conquer that which is holding you back?

I’ve hidden this book in my heart for over two years, waiting on the timing for its release. Over this time, waiting has become something that I’m learning to become more comfortable with. For those who know me, know that I love to activate ideas – immediately and therefore, this season of waiting has been one of the greatest gifts. For in the waiting, healing can grow, restoration is fulfilled, and joy abounds. 

In an excerpt from the book, I write: “The hardships we endure can shape our character into something far more beautiful and stronger than we could’ve imagined, if only we allow healing to take place. For so long, fear held me captive. Repeatedly, I wrestled and struggled against its effects. But for years, fear lay hidden, subtly influencing my thoughts, words and actions. Only once I figured out what held me back in different areas of my life was I ready to stand up and fight for freedom.”

What dreams are you hiding in your heart? It’s time to dream again and now is the day to write it down or tell someone. Waiting for the release and its timing is vital, but preparation can still take place in the background.

If you’d like to know more about Courage in the Fire, then sign up here, and I’ll tell you as soon as I have more news. You can always email me to book a speaking engagement, or if you’d like to host a book launch in your town. I’d love to hear from you.




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