Whose report will you believe?

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People have a lot to say about a lot of different things.  But, what will you believe and from what source?

News reports can throw us in a spinEmotions

Often, news can rattle our tender hearts and fragile emotions.  Fortunately, is a way to navigate the ups and downs that come with life.  Colossians 3:15 tells us to “let the peace of God rule our hearts.”  In fact, this little word, ‘rule’ literal translations means “to act as arbiter.” 

An arbiter is a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter. This means that we can learn to cultivate the ability for peace to be the final authority in your life. In other words, the reports we hear don’t need to unnerve us and cause us to lose our peace. In times like this, we need to let truth lead our emotions.

Emotions and peace.

Emotions are good, but they are fickle.  Even so, our emotions can lead us astray;  and we can find ourselves on a rollercoaster of ups and downs if we do not allow truth to lead them.


Did you know that peace is an organ of communication in the language of God?  If we experience a sense of peace in a specific situation or decision, then that often confirms our route. Conversely, if we are in a position where we feel troubled or caution, then the absence of that peace warrants our attention.  Peace is something that we can rely on as a yardstick in our lives.

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Peace is there for us to grab hold of every single day.

Case in point: I recently started coughing – a lot!  That meant that my poor family was going crazy with my constant hacking.  After about five days I went to see a doctor – she prescribed all sorts of medicines but no difference.  A week later, I went back to her, and she promptly sent me for lung x-rays.  The report came back that the top of my lungs had collapsed!  Shock, horror! 

My doctor quickly sent me off for an urgent appointment with a pulmonologist.  It turns out that the radiologist misread my x-rays and gave a wrong diagnosis. My lungs were clear granted that I had a bad sinus infection. We listened to her advice – she was an expert after all.  Although we are thankful that my lungs are clear, we learned a lesson through this experience.  

Whose report will you believe?

Just because a doctor said something or gave you a report, doesn’t mean it is true.
Just because a teacher gave you a report about your child, doesn’t mean it is true.
Just because an expert says that you will never overcome, be free, get the victory or be delivered does it mean that is true?
What about the news reports?  Will you believe all you read?

Don’t get me wrong.I’m not saying that we must ignore teachers, doctors or experts in their fields. Exercise caution and wisdom. in addition to that, take a moment where you can reassess and think again.

We need to bring it before the Lord and ask Him what He has to say about the matter and what should our response be.Keep peace as the judge in your life.

Whose report will you believe?

That got me thinking… whose report do we believe as we go through life?  If one negative report from someone we trust or regard as an expert in their field can set us off on a wild goose chase, cause panic or at worst despair, what are we to do?  

Let’s look at a few life lessons from my experiences over the years:

With my children

Firstly, my son was born in October (which is late for the school year), and we were advised when he was still a baby that we might need to keep him back because of being born later in the year.  As he grew older, we brought it before the Lord. We prayed about it and decided to send him to school with his peer group.  

Secondly, when Emily was in Grade One, she struggled to learn to read.  It didn’t come naturally to her.  The report was that she would continue to battle through her schooling.  We sent her for extra lessons, prayed over her, spoke life and today she is an A-grade student in most of her subjects.

Lifestyle reports.

When we gave up our life in Port Elizabeth to move to Cape Town to lead a missions organization.  We went from a salaried position to receiving no fixed income for five years.  People told us that we were making the worst mistake of our lives, that we were foolish. In short, we chose to trust the Lord and follow what we believed was the call of God on our lives.  The very best place to be is in the center of God’s will for your life. 

Finally, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to recover from the trauma of the armed robbery fully; that I needed to accept that this is what it is like living in South Africa.  Yes, I went through a few tough years, but God has healed my family and me from the effects of that night, and I know that we are stronger than before.

What are you facing today where you might have heard a report from a teacher, a doctor, a friend, an ‘expert’ in their field.  What do you believe? In conclusion, how can you allow peace to be an authority in your life so that you come out stronger than before?

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