What’s the big deal about Courage in the Fire?

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“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” J. R. R. Tolkien.

“We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.” Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)


What dream do you carry in your heart?

How much courage do you need to get it out and share that dream with the world? I believe every single person has seeds of potential within and deep desires to make this world a better place. How can you water those seeds and nourish the young dreams to see them come to fruition?

Well, Courage in the Fire is one of those dreams. I wrote this book initially in 2018. It started as a way to organize and process my thoughts around fear. I never imagined it turning into something more. Along the way, I ended sharing my story of how I overcame fear, and then realized that I carried this message deep within.

From Jordan to Scotland to Mozambique, South African and all the way west to Ghana, I shared my story about how fear paralyzed us and isolated us from living a full life. I learned that fear is the same all over the world. It just looks a little different based on the country and culture. But fear’s intention is exactly the same: To hinder, isolate, restrict and hold captive those who give in to its lies.

What does fear do to us?Courage in the Fire

Fear lies to us – bottom line. Fear reminds us that we cannot, under any circumstances, reach the dreams and desired resident in our hearts. It tells us that we can never break free from its hold and because of this my message is simple. Firstly, you can face your fears. Secondly, you can overcome that which holds you back, and finally, there are ways to do it.

Courage in the Fire is a book about how fear can hinder your life and how you can break its hold — it’s about hope. This book is intensely personal for me as I share some of my life story, the armed robbery that my daughter and I were in, and how fear affected our lives. In it, I explore our quest for healing and ways for others to embrace freedom from fear too.

South Africa and the world battles with fear

South Africa is struggling against fear in massive proportions, and this book is a message of hope to our nation and beyond. If I can conquer fear, then you can too. Have a look at the social media posts, the news, and pay attention to the messages you receive. I bet most are fear-based or promote fear-mongering. What can we do to share hope instead?

Our family carries creativity as a high value. It’s something we try to cultivate – and that in itself requires courage. One of our dear friends is Duncan Stewart. In collaboration in this book, he generously shared over ten of his artworks for each chapter. Every image in Courage in the Fire is both thought-provoking and profound.

This picture is for Chapter Two: What is fear? I’d love to know what you think of it. For more about Duncan, please visit his website.Duncan Stewart's image

The dream in my heart for this book is that it is used as a tool to set all who read it free from fear – a big dream for sure. I wrote it to breathe hope and freedom from fear into the hearts of every single reader.

Beauty can emerge from ashes; a joy-filled life can develop from a fear-driven life. 

Courage in the Fire will inspire freedom from fear

In this book, you will discover many things. Among them being:

  • The difference between fear and danger.
  • Ways to uncover and face your fears. 
  • By reading it, the lies intent on holding you captive, isolated, or anxious will be exposed.
  • I offer helpful tools to walk into freedom.
  • You will be equipped you with rhythms to live a full life.

Courage is much more exhilarating than fear. When you overcome your fears, you can pursue meaningful relationships, explore the unknown, take the plunge into a new business venture, be healthier and live your best life yet.

To get this book at a launch price of R100 type in the coupon code: Lockdown and it’s yours immediately. Why did I do that? Almost a third of the world is in lockdown right now and has time on their hands. I reckon that more than a third of the world battles with fear right now and believe that this book can make a difference in the lives of all who read it. Love conquers fear because fear involves torment. And it’s tiime for tormet to flee.

Would you like to join me in becoming a fear fighter and live a life of love?



P.S. If you’d like to journey on a three-day devotional, then click on this link. I wrote one for YouVersion, and it’s free.  


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