Your 6-week Transformative Parenting Journey starts on 

Wednesday, 2 September, 8-9pm CAT


  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated being a mom?

  • Would you like help to adapt your parenting style as your children grow?

  • Are your children anxious and is sibling rivalry wearing you down?

  • Is disciplining with consistency a challenge?

  • Could you use someone to equip & coach you so you can grow?

On this journey, you will learn:

1. How to parent intentionally to raise secure, confident children

2. How to navigate the ages & stages with grace and wisdom

3. Form new parenting skills that will transform your kids

4. Communication skills that increase your child’s confidence and your parenting ability

5. Digital challenges, boundaries, discipline & authority, the generational gap, and other factors that affect your family

6. How to care for yourself & be the best mom ever

7. And much more…

You will receive over R4000 ($250) worth of value:

  • A live six-week transformative parenting course

  • Five-step parenting blueprint

  • One 45 minute coaching call

  • Manifesto template

  • Self-care and personal growth training

  • Access to ask questions and get answers quickly

  • Copy of Parenting World Changers and more…

Parenting World Changers


Bonus 1: Resilience & self-care checklist
Bonus 2: Caring for your child’s mental health video and article
Bonus 3: Helping your children through the digital landscape PDF
Bonus 4: Discipline contract template
Bonus 5: How to pray for and disciple your children PDF & printable

What other moms have said about Mandi’s parenting training & coaching

I really enjoyed the course, and I have already put some things I learned into practice with my daughter, I now understand the difference between punishment and discipline. That was an eye-opening insight.
I’m thankful for the practical tips, especially the one where I get my children to stop and look at me before I issue an instruction and then ask for them to respond. They are listening to me and it makes things so much easier in our home.
Mom of two preteens

Mandi has helped me tremendously to process life events, provided specific tools that immediately apply, and given me a fresh dose of encouragement and perspective in my roles as a mom of six, entrepreneur, and missionary. I am so grateful for her uplifting insight, wisdom, & coaching. It helped me work through problems, overall reducing stress and increasing joy. I highly recommend Mandi as a parenting coach.
Mom of six

“I think we don’t focus enough on the values we want our family to have. I know what they are, but we don’t focus enough on making them visible in our daily lives. I will definitely work on this and to be more intentional with how I teach my children. I feel encouraged and strengthened on how to improve things with both my children. I’ve made mistakes, but I will focus on building the bridges and discipling them. Thank you, Mandi.”
Tory, mom of two children

Count me in!

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About Mandi

Mandi Hart is the author of several books including, Parenting with Courage, the Parenting Journal and most recently, Courage in the Fire & Parenting World Changers. Mandi is a wife and mother to two teenagers and has the heart to see families living free and full lives.

She helps moms to gain self-confidence and grow in their parenting skills to strengthen the relationships and live more purpose-filled lives. Her passion is to see women and families thrive.

Mandi has created and hosted parenting workshops and courses for over 20 years. Amongst other qualifications, She is a certified counsellor and coach. She speaks weekly on the radio on courageous living and fearless parenting and serves in her local community.

She loves seeking beauty wherever she goes and carries a high value of living authentically and transparently. Her heart continues to expand to see individuals, marriages, families and people groups transformed by love.

Mandi Hart

More testimonials…

Parenting World Changers is exactly how I would describe what we are called to do. Mandi offers hope with these words: “It is with great confidence that even though the world is shaking around us, we need not be shaken. We can stand firm and secure knowing that we have the guidance and tools that we need to raise strong and secure kids.”  I strongly agree that it’s in our hands to guide, coach and lead our children as the “World Changers” God called them to be. 
Roelien, mom to two world changers

After reading Parenting With Courage, you’ll feel better prepared as a parent, and you’ll know how to support your friends who are facing the challenges of parenting. I know you will be glad you’ve taken the time to read it. There are many books that have been written about parenting, but Mandi’s biblical approach is fresh and enlightening. Mandi has lived out what she believes and shares honestly both her successes and her mistakes with readers.

Sally McClung

I feel so confident about this journey that I’m offering you a 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
There is no risk to you!

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