Transform your parenting in five weeks.

Whether you’re the parent of a Gen Z or Alpha Generation, this course will help you make sense of the complex world we’re living in & equip you with life-giving skills to enjoy parenting that much more!

➡️ Do you want to enjoy raising the next generation with confidence?

➡️ Do you want to stop shouting at your children?

➡️ Are you looking for effective, but loving discipline techniques?

➡️ Are you ready to ditch mom guilt?

➡️ Do you want to grow the connection & relationship with your children?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then sign up today. You can go through the material at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.

On this journey, you will:

1. Learn how to parent intentionally to raise secure, confident children

2. Be able to navigate the ages & stages with grace and wisdom

3. Understand how to parent with consistency, forming new parenting skills 

4. Become a far better communicator

5. Confidently navigate digital challenges & a changing landscape

6. Learn how to discipline with compassion 

7. Embrace caring for yourself because that makes you a better parent.

8. Learn to parent on purpose with the end in mind

9. Grow your influence and confidence in your parenting outlook

10. Lean into parenting out of love & not fear. When you win, your family thrives!

You will receive over R2000 worth of value:

  1. A five-module transformative parenting course to work through at your own pace
  2. A parenting blueprint to help you raise your children with the end in mind
  3. Manifesto template & training on your own table of advisors
  4. Self-care and personal growth training
  5. Personal access to Mandi to ask questions and get answers quickly
  6. Videos, PDF’s & more to guide you on your parenting journey
  7. Courage to raise and release world changers
Mandi Hart's books

Enjoy these bonuses scattered throughout the online course:

Bonus 1: Access to the continuity programme throughout the course
Bonus 2: Resilience & self-care checklist
Bonus 2: Caring for your child’s mental health video and article
Bonus 3: Helping your children through the digital landscape PDF
Bonus 4: Discipline contract template
Bonus 5: How to pray for and disciple your children PDF & printable

Hear what other moms have to say…

 Mandi really brings a personal touch and I felt her support during and after the course. Her course material is easy to follow and explained.. I can really recommend doing her course. You will not be disappointed and you will come away with so much more knowledge than you ever had before.

Vicki Hodder

I thoroughly enjoyed Mandi’s parenting course. She presented it with love, openness, empathy and humour. She has a vast knowledge of the subject and also shares from her personal experience as a mom. I found the course informative and completely manageable with a busy schedule.

Chantell Hustler

This course provided me with great practical guidance and tools on how to handle the sometimes challenging and overwhelming role of being a mom of 3 young kids, it was very encouraging and inspirational to get tried and tested methods from another mom who have been through it before me, 


What's the low-down? How much will it cost?

R795 (US $56)

I would highly recommend the course for moms with children of any age.
Naomi, mom of two (Scotland)

It’s been such a blessing to attend the Raising secure kids in a complex world course. The course was very informative, with actual life-applicable solutions that actually work! Thank you so much for all that you do!


“Ages and stages keeps echoing in my ears & is something that stuck with me. 

Remembering that I had to change the way I parent along the interesting, unfamiliar path of being a parent!  THANK YOU MANDI!

Adele Carew

Meet your instructor

Parent & Coach, Mandi Hart

Mandi is the author of several books including, Parenting with Courage, the Parenting Journal and most recently, Parenting World Changers.

She helps moms gain self-confidence and grow in their parenting skills to strengthen relationships and live more purpose-filled lives. Her passion is to see women and families thrive.

Mandi has hosted parenting workshops and courses for over 20 years in over 15 countries. Amongst other qualifications, she is a certified counsellor & coach. She also speaks weekly on the radio on courageous living & fearless parenting and serves in her local community.

Mandi is a wife and mother to two young adults and has the heart to see families living free and full lives. She keeps fit by running through vineyards of Stellenbosch with her trusty Ridgeback nearby.

Mandi Hart

“You have the power to shape a life, to leave a legacy.  Perhaps your greatest contribution to the world is not what you do, but who you raise. You can raise a world changer.”

More testimonials…

Mandi Hart is a phenomenal speaker. Her passion comes through as she delivers insight on topics that she has clearly spent many hours researching. She also weaves in life experience and personal stories as she invites the audience into her world and conveys truths with vulnerability and in a down to earth way. Her heart for people is clear as she offers encouragement along with practical guidance on the issues that matter.

Graeme Schnell

Focus on the Family Africa

The raising secure and confident parenting course is a must for anyone who wants to enhance their parenting skills, to understand the purpose of parenting based on God’s word. God’s heart is for individuals and families, Mandi’s heart is aligned to what is in God’s heart for families. If you are passionate about authentic and intentional parenting, kindly join this movement.

Lerato Moloi


I feel so confident about this journey that I’m offering you a 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
It’s all on me. There is no risk to you!​

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