Raising secure confident kids

This course is for parents (from toddlers to teens) who need tools and skills to raise children to thrive and build happier relationships. It’s for moms who want to invest in themselves and in their parenting skills.  New parents who want to raise secure, confident children.

Raising Secure Confident Children Parenting Course

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Are you ready for a transformative parenting journey? Here you will gain positive parenting skills to raise secure, confident children without the overwhelm and stress.

Course Fast Facts

You will receive over R4000 ($250) worth of value:

  • A live five-week transformative parenting course
  • Five-step parenting blueprint
  • One 45 minute coaching call
  • Manifesto template
  • Self-care and personal growth training
  • Access to ask questions and get answers quickly
  • Copy of Parenting World Changers and more…

Who this course is for:

Any parent who needs fresh strategies for appropriately dealing with a toddler or teenager; to parent with the end in mind.

Educators, carers and grandparents will benefit too.

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5 reviews for Raising Secure Confident Children Parenting Course

  1. Anneline Kanyanga (verified owner)

    For me the parenting really helped me how to communicate effectively with my kids as sometimes you will tell them to clean the dishes but at the end they don’t do it properly and think oh you could have done it yourself but at the end you have so much to do that you also need to ask for help and if you have taken the time to teach/train them they would have done a better job so to communicate effectively and give clear instruction. And that you as the parent can also learn from your kids as technology today and which can help us. I would recommend this any parent who feel frustrated as to communicate effectively and discipline a child as how God would want him grow.

  2. Zintle Nomavuka

    “It’s been such a blessing to attend the Raising secure kids in a complex world course. The course was very informative, with real life applicable solutions that actually work! Thank you so much for all that you do

  3. Janine Robinson

    I cannot recommend this 5-week parenting workshop enough! I’ve just completed it last week, and it was so encouraging, empowering and relevant. Mandi not only shares practical encouragement, but the coaching support made it so personal for each of us moms that went through the workshop. At only 1 hour a week over Zoom, it made it so doable to fit into the busyness of the week. If you need some fresh encouragement in your parenting, join this course. It’s sooooo important for us to keep learning and growing as parents. I’ve walked away with fresh tools and wonderful insights in how to raise my precious family with joy and purpose.

  4. San-Marie

    This course provided me with great practical guidance and tools on how to handle the sometimes challenging and overwhelming role of being a mom. Being a mom of 3 young kids, it was very encouraging and inspirational to get tried and tested methods from another mom who have been through it before me, and advise on being the best mom I can be for my family.

  5. Maxine Teague

    “I recently attended Mandi Hart’s Parenting Course. I was excited to join Mandi and other Moms to learn and grow in my own parenting journey. I’m a mom of two sons aged 8 and 11. My biggest take away was the importance of self care. As most moms do, they don’t prioritize themselves at all. I was definitely at the very bottom of a long list of things to do and people to care for. Mandi helped me to get over the guilt of making time for myself by seeing self care as a way of life. Since then I have I have become more active physically and intentional about what I am filling my time with. This has helped me to be a more engaged mom with a lot more capacity to parent than before. I’m not so ratty and stretched. One other thing I have noticed as a result of this course is that I really “see” my sons now. I’m looking at them in a whole new way, looking for their individuality and in what ways I can nurture that. We talk about our family values according to God’s Word when we are faced with tricky situations like why some kids at school play games above their age. I feel I have gained new confidence as a mom to have these conversations and the passion to teach my children that they can have confidence in what we stand for as a family so that they can live lives of integrity and love.

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