Parenting Book Bundle

Parenting Book Bundle


SPECIAL OFFER! Buy both Parenting World Changers & the Parenting Journal for R230 (a saving of R180)
“I finally have words to help my children understand how THEY can be world changers.”

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About this book

The Parenting Journal is a creative and ever-growing expression of a parent’s love for their child.

The journal contains:

  • A page to write down your child’s name, together with its meaning and the Bible verses linked to their name.
  • Key Scriptures: a section to record essential life verses that you have been (or will start to) pray over your child.
  • Lessons you want to teach your child: a section where you can write down the intentional experiences you feel you need to teach your child
  • Quotes and Scriptures from Parenting with Courage
  • Plenty of blank pages for you to write your prayers, note your answered prayers and journal your thoughts as you raise your child.

Parenting World Changers is a book that will empower you to raise children who will know who they are, be able to express their talents and thrive in this world. It's a hope-filled book for parents!

Parenting World Changers will:

  • Show you how to understand and interpret the times you are living in.
  • Help you release the potential of a world-changer in your child.
  • Assist you with ways to have significant conversations.
  • Offer you a parenting blueprint packed with tools.
  • Guide you through a minefield of topics with a Biblical lens.

Studying current and future world trends, and interviewing over 100 families, Mandi Hart presents topical issues with grace and ease. In her down-to-earth approach, Parenting World Changers will help you face the challenges of raising your children to become confident men and women who excel in life.

Parenting World Changers is an urgent book, a compelling read for parents, coaches, teachers, counselors, and anyone who believes that our children are the future.


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