Parenting Masterclass 2

Courageous Parenting Masterclass #2


Parenting is a journey. It’s an art, not a science. Join me for this inspiring Masterclass to boost your parenting skills and see it strengthen your family. It will build resilience in not only you, but your children too.

About this Masterclass

During this second live, online Masterclass, you will meet other parents and be equipped with tools for parenting in this season. We will discuss:

1. Parenting out of your value system.
2. Top 5 trends affecting the world and how that will influence the way you parent.
3. Navigating discipline and boundaries through the ages and stages (This is specific to the group).
4. An introduction to how to parent world changers.

5.  Practical Tips

6.  Live Q&A

Please also send your specific questions in advance to [email protected] I'd also love to know the ages of your children so that I can tailor the conversation to speak directly into your family.

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