Coaching by Mandi

Coaching for women and moms


I offer coaching in the following areas:  Parenting, Purpose, and Passion. I am here to help you uncover what holds you back, and coach you into moving forward in life; to live in full-colour with courage and hope. 


Coaching with Mandi

"Mandi has been a coach to me just over a year and I really enjoy every moment with her. Her wisdom and knowledge are really what helped me through a tough time. She connects with any type of person, doesn’t matter in what season of life you are. Mandi creates a safe space to connect and encourages and gives relevant exercises to work through, and it helps with accountability and to make sense of what is in your heart and mind." Lorinda.

During your coaching sessions, you will:

1.  Uncover obstacles in your life and/or  parenting

2.  Set goals and build your vision

3.  Create greater self-awareness

4. Discover your purpose and create helpful outcomes.

And so much more...

I'd love to journey with you.


Courage to dream again

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