Courage in the Fire

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Have you ever felt gripped by fear or anxiety? Strikingly personal, insightful, and powerful, Courage in the Fire is a book about how fear can hinder your life and will guide you into living free from its hold. A timeous book for a significant season.

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About this book


Courage is much more exhilarating than fear. When you overcome your fears, you can pursue meaningful relationships, explore the unknown, take the plunge into a new business venture, be healthier and live your best life yet.

Courage in the Fire will:

  • Explore the difference between fear and danger.
  • Uncover your fears.
  • Expose the lies intent on holding you captive, isolated, or anxious.
  • Offer helpful tools to walk into freedom.
  • Equip you with rhythms to live a full life.

In this book, you will discover beautiful works of art by Duncan Stewart scattered at the beginning of every chapter. His images impart a creative slant to Courage in the Fire. Allow the pictures, the words and heart of the message usher healing and restoration into your life. Chapter headings such as Deceived by Fear, A Fragmented Reality, Fear Exposed, Tactics from Heaven, Fearless prayers and more will guide you into healing.

This book will change your life. Fear will not have the final say. Buy one today! Courage in the Fire is available on my website and on Amazon too.



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2 reviews for Courage in the Fire

  1. Lorinda Potgieter (verified owner)

    Definitely the right moment for the release of COURAGE IN THE FIRE it comes at a time where we are unsure of what our world will look like due to the COVID-19. I am so encouraged by this book during this time where fear and doubt maybe greater than my faith. This book helped me to come to grips of the new normal and to not fall into fear. Mandi shares practical ways to deal with fear and anxiety. Every chapter ends with a series of questions that helps to put down your thoughts and work through it.

    Thank you Mandi for being open and honest about your struggle in overcoming fear on a daily basis.

  2. Janine Robinson (verified owner)

    What a timely book on a subject that we all grapple with in different ways. What made this book so helpful to me is how transparent and relatable Mandi shares from her own journey confronting fear. It allows the reader to lower their own walls and find the courage to look inside to want to embrace transformation and freedom. It’s a book of hope with such practical applications. A book that I have reread and will continue to go back to and recommend to others.

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Every person will deal with fear in their lives. Courage in the Fire lays a solid foundation in providing an understanding of fear and then, with wisdom and biblical truth, it helps one develop practical strategies to combat fear. Packed with the authenticity of real-life struggles, this is a grace-filled, scripture saturated manual with a powerful potential to set you free!

Graeme Schnell

CEO, Focus on the Family Africa

Mandi’s book is an absolute must-read. She vulnerably shares her personal story, gives pearls of wisdom, and gives amazing tools and strategies to overcome a life dictated by fear. It’s a timeous, hope-filled book that I can truly recommend if you battle with fear and anxiety and want to walk in strength and freedom. Thanks, Mandi. I believe this book will help set many people free from fear!

Ilse van den Berg

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