It is possible to live without fear in these days of hype and uncertainty.

The world is shaking, and suddenly everything is changing. How will you respond to the COVID-19 in your community? Will you fight, flight, or freeze?




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    About this book

    In this powerful and insightful e-book, Mandi Hart uncovers fears that can hinder your life and render you paralyzed as you face the COVID-19. Do you know how to prepare your family and community before an outbreak? What do you need to do when an outbreak occurs? It’s all here.

    Antivirus invites you into embracing a healthy perspective on the COVID-19. Edited by a South African Medical Doctor, this book offers practical advice and is sandwiched with hope and ways to live without fear. Antivirus is written with a heart of peace to guide individuals and families into clear thinking and wisdom, with concern is for the more impoverished communities in our world.

    Share the love by letting your family and friends read Antivirus. This short ebook is easy-to-read and designed to help you thrive in these days we find ourselves in.

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