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Author, Speaker and Mother

Families across the world are in crisis. I help equip, inspire, and challenge parents as they raise their children well. When we live in wholeness and freedom, we all thrive.


“The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it’s who you become. That’s what you will take into eternity.”
— Dallas Willard

Parenting with Courage

A fresh and contemporary book about raising children. This book will guide you through the ages, the stages and provide you with valuable tools. This is for the experienced parent or a parent-to-be.


The heart and principles in this book will reveal the path through the constraints of fear and into the glorious hope of living a joyful life. You can overcome the stronghold of fear.
If you’re reading my blog,

You’re probably a parent or parent to be. You want to improve your ability to raise your children, and you want to live a whole life, flourishing in all areas…

Parenting skills


Family relationships


Freedom from fear


Spiritual growth and discipleship


Leaving a legacy as you raise your kids


Freedom from fear in three sure steps

I never just wanted to exist.  Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living a full life. Freedom from fear and cultivating the ability to be resilient inspires us to embrace truly living. However, this world is fraught with trouble: people, relationships, choices, and heartaches.  Life is full of challenges, highs, and lows, joys, and sadness. But also hope.

Here’s a way to reflect and dream without fear

One of my most significant learnings this year has been the transformational power of reflection.  Our lives change when we take time to pray, think and process. During this holiday season, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to take time to consider the past year and download a free tool to help you reflect.

Advent, kindness and raising kids

Advent, a season of looking back and forward, is a call to us to rest and reflect even though the world says otherwise. Can you raise your children to reflect and enjoy this season? FREE ADVENT CALENDAR OF KINDNESS TO DOWNLOAD.

Feedback from Readers

“Mandi is an amazing mother, full of wisdom and insight. It was helpful to have her advice and experience as I became a mother.” Allison Sherwin


“The realisation about who I am, influence what I do stands out to me. With many practical applications in her book, parents will find it a useful tool as they raise their kids.” Cornelia Reber


“Parenting with Courage has taught me how to raise my kids. It has shown me the value of being a parent and reminds me how important being a mom is.” Sybil Balintulo

Cape Town

A bit about me

Family means the world to me; they’re my biggest win. I’m happily married to Neil. We’ve been together for over 20 years, and our children are now teenagers. We think that every stage of parenting is the best phase.

Peoples and nations of the world inspire me. Having travelled and ministered in many different countries, I continue to dream of going to new places. As a family, church planting and missions have been part of our life for over a decade. Through Neil, I’ve learned to seek beauty wherever I go.

Two of my values include living authentically and transparently. My heart continues to expand to see individuals, marriages, families, and communities transformed by love.

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