How can I draw out and release the gifts in my child?

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Good things take time to grow. Just like the dreams and hopes in my heart for my children. How can I cultivate and release the gifts and talents in them?   In this busy world, taking time to reflect on how they are wired, requires intentionality.  

A mother’s heart

Like any mother, I carry many dreams in my heart for my children.  Since pregnancy, my journals have records of the hopes I store within for my two kids.  

These deep thoughts have been watered with prayers and care.   

I’ve prayed prayers of intercession, of petitioning, of repentance (for when I didn’t parent my children as I should have) and I’ve prayed about the releasing aspects of being a mom. 

Like those moments when your child no longer wants to hold your hand as you walk into school, or when they turn 18. Many years later, I still store those dreams in my heart.  And, I think it’s natural for a mother to have hopes and desires for their children.  It moves us to parent carefully and with courage.

Even Mary, Jesus’ mother, carried the thoughts and prophetic words in her heart (and thought about them often).  Read Luke 2 and the account of what happened from when He was born till he was about 12 years old.

A thoughtful mother is also a prayerful mother.  Her love grows when she thinks deeply about her children and their lives.Pray about your child's hopes and dreams

The views we have about our children shape our words and decisions. They lead you in your parenting style and pursuits.  I urge you to document your thoughts and dreams and pray into those regularly.  Let those guide your decisions too.

However, there is a caveat here:  You cannot and should not live YOUR dreams and hopes through your children.  You also should NOT live out your missed experiences or sports/cultural aspirations through your children.

Unique fashioned in their mother’s womb; each child is born with their specific gift and talent mix.  It is up to you as the mother or father to release your child into their purpose by drawing out that which makes them come alive.

To do this takes intentionality.  Just this morning, I was chatting to a mom who said that her one child loves any sport and the other one doesn’t enjoy physical activity.  The challenge is to encourage each child individually, and with love.

Why don’t you take a few moments and record the following about your children:

  • Their name and the meaning thereof
  • Their talents and gifts. Free printable
  • Don’t forget to include what kind of adult you dream of them becoming. 
  • Taking notes of these points helps with praying and parenting.

Intentional parenting happens when we look at the big picture and long term vision and then head in that direction.

I’d like to invite you to download this beautiful printable for FREE. 

Once you have answered these questions, then start praying into it.  Use it to guide some of your decision-making.  For example, if your child is very musical, then consider selecting a school that has a strong creative or musical department.  If your child thrives in a smaller environment, then seek out those kinds of learning options.  If your child loves building things or has an inquiring mind, then go on outings to places that feed that thirst for knowledge.

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