Here’s a way to reflect and dream without fear

by | FearLess

One of my most significant learnings this year has been the transformational power of reflection.  Our lives change when we take time to pray, think and process. 

During this holiday season, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to take time to consider the past year:  for some, it has been a year of change, of transition, of pain but for others, it was a year of healing, of joy and of learning new life rhythms.

Did you know that humankind has battled with fear since Adam and Eve’s days?  Adam hid because he was afraid (see Genesis 3:10).  We read about a fearful Gideon in Judges 6.  However, when he finally conquered his fear and put his trust in God, the Israelites were freed from seven years of oppression.

There will always be moments in life when we are worried to give ourselves over to God, but the truth is we can trust him with our tomorrows.

reflectFear can cause us to turn molehills into a mountain and to hide from others.  It is a complicated emotion, not always easy to understand or even process.  Fear limits our capacity to live a full life.  However, God’s truth and ways can set us free from these bondages because it is there for us to receive and apply in our lives.

I hope that your choices this season reflect your hopes and not your fears.  “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie ten Boom.

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Take a moment to download these journaling prompts as you reflect and prepare for the new year.  May your dreams be filled with hope!



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