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Food for living fearlessly

Food is necessary for life. Our body, soul and spirit all need sustenance, therefore grow in intentionality in making choices that lead to life, peace and joy.

While scrolling through Instagram the other day, I read a saying that went something like this: “What you consume in private will be seen in public”. Oh my! This was an intriguing thought.

Whatever we consume, be it food for the body, input for our mind, our emotions, and even spiritual nourishment will eventually emerge into our public life

Fresh wineskins for the new wine

Fresh wineskins for the new wine

I live in South Africa’s best wine-growing and making region. Stellenbosch is home to the world’s best Chardonnay, and some pretty good Serah’s, Cabernet Savignon and many other fine wines. As I look out of my dining room window, I watch the vines growing at my neighbour’s vineyard. Fresh leaves at Springtime, ripe grapes later that summer, harvest time and then pruning – a living metaphor permeates my world.

Practice courage and see your life thrive

Practice courage and see your life thrive

It’s much easier to stay stuck, to continue feeling paralyzed by fear. But you can choose to embrace courage and learn the rhythms of healing and freedom.

Have you ever done something that frightens you? Well, that’s courage. What about drawing on strength in the face of pain or even grief? That’s courage too. Courage is bravery, a soul facing obstacles that would normally set them back, but choosing to move forward.

Love-based vs fear-driven parenting shapes families

Love-based vs fear-driven parenting shapes families

I want to talk to you about fear – and the fear of thousands of parents out there. And I want to talk to you about love. The kind of love that propels your children into their destiny with confidence. We cannot avoid the fear that knocks on our doors but we can confront it and deal with it. 

When fear and love collide

Fear isolates, love embraces.

Fear speaks words of, “what if” whereas love responds with “even if”.


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