Born to Thrive

(Learn to live courageously in 4 steps)

Are you feeling the effects of fear, stress, worry about your future & have a lack of clarity?


Join Mandi for 45 minutes to learn how to live courageously, because you were “Born to thrive.”

But, if you’d like to watch her previous one over the holidays then click on the video below.

Mandi knows what it means to be tortured by fear. But she didn’t give up until she was free from it! Now she invites others to this journey from fearful to fearless! Thanks, Mandi for living fiercely fearless! 

Cornelia Reber

Mandi’s honesty and courage to face her fears has deeply inspired me to face these fears of my own. She doesn’t just give head knowledge but shares her heart which gives her book, Courage in the Fire, a very special personal feel. It’s almost like you are chatting with her over a cup of coffee. My fears no longer have the power over me they used to as through Mandi’s encouragement.


Maxine Teague

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