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How to build your children’s self-confidence¬†


Good parenting is intentional parenting. Are your children struggling with confidence?
Uncertain or perhaps even bullied? Or do you simply want to boost their self-confidence so they blossom even more?


Join Mandi for 30 minutes to strengthen this crucial parenting skill.

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The raising secure and confident parenting course is a must for anyone who wants to enhance their parenting skills, to understand the purpose of parenting based on God’s word. God’s heart is for individuals and families, Mandi’s heart is aligned to what is in God’s heart for families. If you are passionate about authentic and intentional parenting, kindly join this movement.


I feel I have gained new confidence as a mom to have these conversations and the passion to teach my children that they can have confidence in what we stand for as a family so that they can live lives of integrity and love.

Maxine Teague

Mandi Hart

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