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Food is necessary for life. Our body, soul and spirit all need sustenance, therefore grow in intentionality in making choices that lead to life, peace and joy. 


Food for our souls and bodyWhile scrolling through Instagram the other day, I read a saying that went something like this: “What you consume in private will be seen in public”. Oh my! This was an intriguing thought. 

Whatever we consume, be it food for the body, input for our mind, our emotions, and even spiritual nourishment will eventually emerge into our public life. 


I remember that when my children were young; I used to encourage them to eat the kind of food that would support and strengthen their bodies. They played a fair amount of sport and needed food to keep them going throughout the day. The analogy of having the right kind of fuel in your petrol tank made sense. I spoke to them that the food they eat is the fuel and they need enough in the tank to keep going. Scrolling through social media, I find plenty of diets, get fit courses and latest fads advertised.

What we eat in private will show up in our bodies in public. 


We feed our minds all the time. What we consume shapes our thought life. I’ve heard it said that thoughts occupy mental real estate. These thoughts take up space – and neuroscience proves that our thought life shapes our brain (literally). Simply put, the ideas we feed on and allow to flow through our minds shape our lives. They impact our sense of well-being and even our physical and mental health. 

Have you considered the thoughts that you allow to roam freely across the terrain of your mind? What kind of processes traverses the landscape of your soul? Are you feeding them the right type of food?

The Bible speaks about this in many places. One such a passage even says, “for as he thinks within himself, so is he.”

Mental food includes social media, reading material, conversations we have, the programmes we watch and what we listen to as we go through our day. What we allow through our eyes and ears travel into our minds.

Do you need a mental detox? Have a virtual clean-out of that which you consume because what you feed your mind comes out in your words, actions, and choices.

How can feeding fear impact your life?

Perhaps you struggle with the debilitating thoughts that you are not good enough. Maybe school was difficult for you and your parents, teachers, or friends belittled you and said that you were not smart or talented and you believed their words. These thoughts were like seeds and produced fruit in your life.

Fear of failure became an issue, so you decided not even to try, or perhaps you channelled these fears into performance, and it emerged as a driving ambition – tiring yourself and all around you. This mantra that you need to show everyone you are enough impacts your words, spending patterns, relationships and career. What if you consumed the right kind of ‘food’ and returned to healthy thinking patterns?

In 1 Timothy 1:17 where Paul writes that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind. This word ‘sound mind’ refers to the Greek word “Sophronismos” that means clear, sensible thinking. It’s a call to soundness of mind. You can think accurately and clearly about yourself as you renew your mind with the Word of God and you being to think ‘sensibly’ about yourself and the world around you.


Emotions are valid. They are indicators of what is going on inside of us. There is no bad emotion. It is our response to these emotions that are either healthy or detrimental to our well-being. What are you feeding your feelings? Are you allowing them to lead your life, or can you bring them under control?

Emotions are fickle and can change based on your mood, your physical sugar levels and mental well-being. Our body affects our emotions; our relationships influence them as well. Become emotionally aware – realize that what you feed your emotions through your thoughts, nutrition, self-control, and even social media will eventually trickle into your daily life.

Remember, it is our response to what we feel that makes all the difference. Emotions are indicators that something is going on, and we would do well to pay attention to them.


What are you feeding your inner man? For example, unforgiveness can hurt us. Its effect permeates into our emotions and our bodies. Are you feeding on words of forgiveness and consuming nutritious spiritual food to help you? That which is unseen always emerges into the seen. The ways of God work in the invisible realm and into the visible.

Here, we have a choice to make – will we feed our spirit’s that which is for building up and not breaking down. I found that when I struggled with the fear of violence as I overcame the trauma from the armed robbery, I would need to spend some time in prayer and solitude. It was in those moments that God healed my heart and soul. It was something that I sought to do regularly and still do.

Therefore, consider the food that we consume in private. My hope for you is that your private and public life be the same.

Here are a few simple hacks to help you keep on growing:

Decide what your values are. Then choose to live authentically by making choices in line with your values.

Break your goals up into bite-sized chunks. Don’t overwhelm yourself and change everything all at the same time. Tackle your goals one step at a time. 

Stay fed and hydrated. Think about it in terms of your body, soul, and spirit.

Keep tabs on your emotional state. Think about how you’re feeling throughout the day. Become aware.

Make time to rest in prayer and contemplation. Spend a few minutes reading the Bible every single day and watch your life begin to change.




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