Five fearless habits that can change your life

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Habits can change your life and, according to Sean Covey, “we become what we repeatedly do.” What we repeatedly think about, say and shape our lives. Habits

Habits can bring healing

I struggled with post-traumatic stress after an armed robbery and fear of being attacked again at night threatened to overwhelm my life. I wasn’t sleeping well, let alone living well. Finally, I came to the point where I had enough of being incapacitated by fear. Either I was to win this battle or give in to the hold fear was trying to establish in my life.

With the help of my husband, friends, and a trauma counselor, I slowly made some changes to my life. I learned to not give up after feeling like I wouldn’t reach the place of freedom. On my journey I took this ancient proverb to heart. It reminded me that we can get up again. It reads:  ‘Fall down seven, get up eight.’

This is what it takes to overcome any form of fear: you just keep getting up after falling down.

With help, I got up again and again. I learned how take it slower, to reflect on life and think things through in a clearer way. After a while, I noticed a pattern emerge with specific habits. These habits were life-giving. They were not complicated but require courage to keep doing the mundane, the basics and to keep on keeping on. It’s the little things that eventually add up and pretty soon your life changes.

What fear do you battle with?

Is it fear of rejection?

Fear of failure?

Fear of losing a loved one?

Fear of being alone?

Fear of making a mistake?

Fear of not being loved?

Whatever your specific fear is, know that you can conquer it and you can walk into freedom and live fully alive.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”  – Gandhi

Here’s what I did to conquer fear using the power of habits.

First, check your body out?

How is your health? How is your eating? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you need to go for a physical check-up, change your eating patterns, start exercising?

Habit Tip

Cultivate a habit of caring for your body. Try this (every day if possible) – do 30 repetitions of something just after you get up in the morning – it could be 30 sit-ups, push-ups, squats or lunges. This little habit primes your body for the day and gets your blood moving.
Taking care of yourself is vital in the battle against fear.

Secondly, have the attitude of a learner.

Set your mind to learn something new. Learning a new skill boosts your dopamine levels and you feel better about yourself. Learning opens up your life to new relationships, new skills, and new joys. What do you need to learn about? What are you interested in?

Habit Tip

Develop a habit of curisoity. Become curious about life, relationships, learning new things. There are plenty of free online courses available. Let me know if you’d like me to send you a link.

Thirdly, become aware of the script in your head.

We self-talk all the time so what are you saying to yourself? What habit do you need to kick or kick into gear? Thoughts occupy mental real estate. Don’t give fear-based thoughts the power to wreck your life.

Habit Tip

Cultivate a habit of self-control in your thought life. One way is to memorize Scripture. Consider printing out a Bible verse that stands out to you and stick on your mirror, your cupboard door, or even on your car dashboard. What we think about grows, therefore, feed your mind the right kind of thoughts.

Fourth, become aware of your emotions.

How you feel is a truer indication of what’s going on inside you than realize. What are you feeling? How can you understand how your emotions affect your body and your sense of well-being? God created us as feeling humans, but our emotions can sometimes lead us astray. Emtoins are good followers, but poor leaders. Truth needs to lead your emotions.

Habit Tip

Develop a habit of emotional intelligence. Learn about EQ and how it can be applied at home, in the marketplace and in your relationships. A great tool is to use RURU (Recognize your emotion, Understand why you are feeling that emotion, Regulate your behaviour/response and Use the infomration to make a choice about your action step).

“Feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”
–Anne Frank

Fifth, change happens from the inside out.

A habit is something that you repeatedly do. Most of the significant and lasting changes in our lives happen from the inside out. When we renew our mind with the Word of God, an internal transformation happens.

Habit Tip

Establish a habit of prayer and reflection. Don’t check emails or social media the minute you wake up or just before you go to bed. Rather, take the time to pray, read a Scripture, and think. At sunset, consider practicing the Examen and reflect on your day. What you think about just before you sleep affects the quality of your sleep and how you wake up.

Healthy habits can change your life.

Which of these habits could you begin to develop in your journey of conquering fear in your life?

Daily routines and habits are not the enemy; Rather, they build a framework for a fearless life. A fearless life something worth pursuing. It takes time, effort and courage, but it’s oh so worth it.

To summarize this blog post, read this list and start your transformation. What else would you add? Let me know?

  • Habits take time to develop
  • Repeat what you do, and you will soon notice a change.
  • Get your body in order
  • Have the attitude of a learner
  • Check your emotional quotient
  • Control the thoughts in your head and don’t listen to the negative thought stream.
  • Live from the inside out. A spiritual life makes all the difference.

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