New book on overcoming fear to come in November 2019

by Mandi Hart

About the book

Mandi Hart, author of Parenting with Courage, is currently finishing off her vulnerable and honest book on conquering fear. Launch date is expected for mid-2019.

Mandi can speak with authority because she was “there” (entangled in fear). For her, the issue of fear is not theory. You will most likely want to read this book – and then reread it – especially if you’re suffering from anxiety. You will find a roadmap here – one that will lead you to freedom – and to Jesus. It will also help you find the roots of your fears. Mandi has done the extensive digging and combined her struggles with the truths and guidelines of Scripture. She succeeded to enrich her book with well-researched information and the thoughts of people who brought much insight to different aspects of this complex issue. ‘Unfortunately’ all of us find fear in our lives and with the help of this book, you will be guided to overcome and live in a place of victory.

Bennie Mostert
Founder of Jericho Walls International Prayer Network and author (South Africa)

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