Fear & anxiety affecting the lives of those you love?

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We’ve heard stories like this so many times before…You can tell something is off with your spouse, a family member, friend or child, but no matter what you do or say, they just won’t open up!

As your mind spins over what could be going on, your fears and worries begin to multiply.

Strange times, strange peopleStrange time we're living in. Fear and anxiety affecting those you love?

This year is by far the strangest year we’ve all experienced, and I think that things will continue to get stranger. What does that mean for us?

I’ve been thinking about fear so much this year. Not only because I have a keen interest in helping others overcome their fears. But also because I see how fear is wreaking havoc in the world over.

As I’ve experienced the effects of fear first hand and studied how it can hinder every man and woman alive, I’ve noticed a few things.

What does fear and anxiety do to us?

Firstly, fear is an emotional reaction to a situation we are in (or could be in). It occupies mental real-estate and from there, fear weaves its web to grip our minds and bodies in an ever-tightening vice.

Secondly, fear has a hidden agenda. It is to paralyze humanity into inaction, offence, bitterness and mental or physical illness. Through lies, fear seeks to dominate your thoughts, words and action.

What about the lies we believe?

But how can fear lie to us? Well, for starters, fear will tell us that we are going to be overtaken by the very thing we fear. If it is fear of contamination, then fear dictates your actions beyond reasonable wisdom. If it is fear of rejection, then fear would lie to and feed thoughts that you are not good enough, worthy enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. Fear of rejection sets us on a path of isolation from deep friendships and exploring new territories in life. If you were to fear the future, then all the negative news about your country, the economy and other topics will reinforce that anxiety.

Friends, remember that fear is not of God. We can read in 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

If you haven’t been given a spirit of fear, then what can help you overcome the overwhelm and anxiety it creates.

We have the power to conquer fear

Better days are coming

Power is defined as the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. This though encapsulates the idea that you can overcome fear. Together with God, you have the power to defeat any form of fear in your life.

Fear is easy. Love is hard.

Fear is easy and love is hard. Don’t you find it so much easier to believe the negative, critical or fearful news. Love removes the masks that we wear. Love can heal a broken heart, a fearful heart, and love restores our soul.

Choose how you think.

We’ve also been given a sound mind. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Fear can keep you from living a joyful, resilient and purposeful life through analysis paralysis, lack of clarity and confusion. When we have a sound mind, we can think things through with wisdom and can make life-giving choices. To have a sound-mind mean that one can think freely, positively and able to reason. This type of thinking not only frees one from fear but leads towards life.

If you are wondering how to support those around you who are struggling, encourage them to talk. Fear and anxiety can rob us of our purpose, joy and lead to hopelessness. Ask open-ended questions and let them know that you love them. Don’t accept things as they are. Press in with grace, gentleness and a little boldness. Don’t give up. Your care and support might make the biggest difference in their life.

What’s next? Better days are coming.

In these strange times we find ourselves in, let us lean into love, strength and sound-thinking. If I can conquer fear, then you can too. Don’t let it takCourageous Living Coursee hold of your life. Deal with it right now and then prepare to enter the new year with purpose and increased capacity. 

Join me in learning to master courageous living.

In March 2021, I’m launching an online course live with group coaching. Want to know more? Send me an email and let’s chat.


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