Faith over fear is a formula for success

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To choose faith over fear is a courageous thing to do, plus it’s a formula for FearLess living. Choose faith over fearI have a theory about what I call, “the law of convergence’.  My family and friends all laugh at me when I mention it, but in the end, they agree. The Law goes like this.  Life converges at moments when various things seem to intersect.  Take your diary as an example.  You receive an invitation to a party on a Saturday night.  Within a short space of time, you receive a few more request to more parties, sporting events or family plans – and all on the same day (possibly time too).  It happens in other areas also.

If it were a formula, it might look something like this:  You x Calendar date/time x God’s plan = Convergence (something to pay attention to)

Recently, I’ve been writing and speaking on the topic of living without fear.  Suddenly the same thought pops up all around me.  I even saw it as a title for an article in an interior home magazine!  More and more, I sense that it is a timely word that God would love to have His people hear.  He wants us all to live without fear.  In the Kingdom of God, fear does not exist. Instead, we find love, power and a sound mind with clear thinking.

Fear doesn’t always make sense.  It enters our lives in so many different ways and affects every single person differently.  Fear causes us to hide, to isolate ourselves, to perform, to become someone we’re not.  Fear hides, however, its effects on our bodies and souls leave lasting impressions.  And so, this convergence of hearing messages all over the place of living fearlessly is something that I took to heart.

So, what’s this formula for overcoming fear? When you couple it with the power of God as a catalyst and you choose faith over fear, then you’re onto something.  Using my formula, I would say it should look like this:

You x Calendar date/time x God’s plan = Convergence (something to pay attention to)

Therefore:  You x right now x 2 Timothy 1vs 7(love, power, sound mind) = Convergence of dealing with fear and living free from it!  

How could you choose faith over fear?  

Firstly, consider what captures your attention.  Where does your focus lie?  Who and what garners your time and energy?  Where your heart lies, there your treasure will also be.  Protect that treasure.

Secondly, become more aware of what your body and emotions are telling you.  Your body is an accurate reflection of what is going on inside of you. Cultivate awareness and listen to the tell-tale signs.

Thirdly, know what the Scriptures say about fear.  Where does fear originate?  Peace and fear cannot coexist.  Neither can love and fear.  They contradict each other.  If you battle with any form of fear, ask the Lord where the root of it resides.   Get to know what the Bible says and be encouraged that you can overcome fear.  To know you are loved brings joy and healing to one’s soul.You are loved

Finally, choose the way of faith.  Choose the way of love and allow the Lord to bring you into freedom.  Fear is something that nearly everyone will face during their lifetime.  If you live on earth, you might have to deal with possibly fear of failure, fear of dying, fear of violence, fear of not being able to provide or any other fear.  It might be something you would need to process or overcome.

During the past few years, when I was battling to overcome fear, I regularly listened to this song called, Prince of Peace (by Hillsong).  It comforted my heart so profoundly.  May it encourage you too.  You’re always there. And You hear my prayer.  Your love surrounds me when my thoughts wage war. When night screams terror, there Your voice will roar.  Come death or shadow, God I know Your light will meet me there. When fear comes knocking, there You’ll be my guard. When day breeds trouble, there You’ll hold my heart.  Come storm or battle, God I know Your peace will meet me there.”

FearLess living is a life that is lived intentionally and understands that there are times when you will get knocked down, but can stand up again.  FearLess living is a life that has chosen faith over fear, hope over despair, humility over pride and love over hate.

So, allow the formula for conquering any stronghold fear has over to you to work:  You x right now x 2 Timothy 1vs 7(love, power, sound mind) = Convergence of dealing with fear and living free from it!  

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