Debunking three myths about fear

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Many people have myths about the fears that they face.  These myths can become limiting beliefs.  Since I started speaking and writing about living a life free from fear, people often share their stories with me about their specific challenges:  there are some who are scared of death, are afraid of cats, of crossing the street and afraid losing a loved one.  Fear is all around us.  It is something that every single human being will face; however, it is our response to the fear that makes all the difference. 

Have you watched the TV programme, Myth Busters?  This crazy programme aired for 14 seasons, with my kids growing up watching their antics.  I think one of the reasons for its success and longevity is the desire we all have to understand if we’re being tricked into believing something that isn’t true. We all want to know the truth, even if it means letting go of or changing our thoughts on something.

Myths & our fears becoming limiting beliefs

As a woman who has faced fear in various forms and been on a journey to overcome its effects, I realized that I was not alone of this road.  Subsequently, a passion emerged that I long to see others breaking free from the chains of fear. I desire for individuals and families to deal with their fears and pain and walk out whole and free. 

While many people remain locked in by their fears, the reality is that God wants and has intended for you to walk out into the freedom He has in store for you.  The Bible says that “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:38).  It is possible.  You don’t need to let fear be a limiting belief in your life any longer.  

Three Myths about FearDebunking myths about fear

The first myth: If I mention my fear, I will give it more power

I’ve had people tell me that they can’t talk about their fears because saying it out loud gives it more power.  While I do believe that we need to be careful what we speak about, it starts first with our thoughts.  Our thoughts occupy space in our minds, and they affect our words and actions.  We cannot pretend that our fears do not exist.  Talk to a safe person about your fears and how to conquer them healthily.

Second myth: I am the only one with this fear and can’t talk about it

Fear loves to reside in the secret places of our heart and mind.  It longs to keep you captive and believing the lie that you are the only one in your family or friendship circle that battles with this fear.  Bring it into the light by exposing it.  Shine the truth of God’s word onto your life, and you will see that healing can come.  Imagine if you are afraid of sickness or death.  How will you deal with it?  Talk to someone about it instead of just fretting and allowing it to consume you from the inside out. 

Third myth: I can never be free from fear

This thought is debilitating.  I know.  I used to wonder if I would ever be free from fear of being attacked again.  Fear manifested through nightmares, heart-racing moments and disturbed thoughts. Believing this lie can hold you captive and prevent you from seeking the healing you need.  Confront this belief, recognize that is indeed a false thought and then look for your cure. 

There are many sources for healing.  First of all, it starts with acknowledging your fears, your giants.  Then turning around and looking to God, your giant slayer.  He is the one who can help you be delivered and set free from the stronghold.  Secondly, seek counsel and support from those who love you.  Thirdly, learn about resilience and how to bounce back again from where you are.  Finally, start to thank God and live a grateful life that your healing is imminent.  Your breakthrough is just around the corner, much like the dawn of a new day.

What’s the fourth myth about fear?

You’ve read my take on three of the myths about fear.  Would you like to finish my post?  What is one myth you’ve heard or believed or about fear? How has this thought held you back?

I’d love for you to share your perspective in the comments box below!  Please also feel free to make contact with me.


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