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Freedom from fear in three sure steps

I never just wanted to exist.  Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living a full life. Freedom from fear and cultivating the ability to be resilient inspires us to embrace truly living. However, this world is fraught with trouble: people, relationships, choices, and heartaches.  Life is full of challenges, highs, and lows, joys, and sadness. But also hope.

Here’s a way to reflect and dream without fear

One of my most significant learnings this year has been the transformational power of reflection.  Our lives change when we take time to pray, think and process. During this holiday season, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to take time to consider the past year and download a free tool to help you reflect.

Debunking three myths about fear

Many people have myths about the fears that they face. These myths can become limiting beliefs. Since I started speaking and writing about living a life free from fear, people often share their stories with me about their specific challenges: there are some who are scared of death, are afraid of cats, of crossing the street and afraid losing a loved one. Fear is all around us. It is something that every single human being will face; however, it is our response to the fear that makes all the difference.

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