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Think right, live right

Have you thought about what you think about? Your thoughts are powerful. They can impact your life and make all the difference in how you live. The thoughts we believe and entertain have the power to shape our emotions, our attitudes, our words, and our actions.

Why your life matters

Why does one’s life matter? I remember struggling with the big questions about life on earth when I was a teenager.  There were times when I would look up at the moon and wonder about the purpose of humankind’s existence?  Then, my thoughts would wander to how could each of us matter.  When I looked at the moon and thought about us here on earth, I felt incredibly small as such my thoughts rambled around and around in my head until I went to bed.

Lessons from a teacher called Adversity

Adversity is a brilliant teacher. It takes us through tremendous challenges; the days can be dark, but then in a moment, we emerge into the sunlight, a different person. Read about the journey of a brave couple through difficult times and how they came out stronger than before.

I’d love to hear your comments or story as well – let me know which point resonated with you.

Stories can change your life

Stories have the power to delight, to teach, to explain, to thrill, to remember and to bring healing.  They bring us from one reality to another. They open up our world. Stories change the world.


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