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Lent and 40 days to lean into generosity

Lent is something that I’ve heard about and thought about for years.  As a mom, I’ve often carried on with the busyness of raising a family – sick kids, school runs, meal preparation and play-dates.  However, this year, I thought to try something new.  So, tonight over dinner, we will be discussing how we can generously embrace the season of Lent. It starts tomorrow, hence this quick post.
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Prayer is an act of great love

Praying for children is an act of great love. When we pray, we relinquish control, then we can release them to God. In raising a child, there are many things we don’t have control over. And we have to be ok with that.

FREE HOW TO PRAY FOR YOU CHILD PRINTABLE – don’t forget to download it and use it regularly.

Coaches can play a vital role in your child’s life

Like the African proverbs says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Parenting involves teamwork with various family members, teachers, and coaches through your child’s growing up years. Every child needs champions.  A coach, through words such as, “I believe in you,” or “Give it a go, you can do it,” can inspire hope, motivation, and dreams.

Love can mend your soul

Like Ed Sheeran says in one of his songs, “Love can mend your soul.”  Those lyrics put my other thoughts on pause as I was driving to fetch my teenage daughter from school one summer’s afternoon.  What was it about that four-lettered word that captured my attention?

Exercise can help beat fear, anxiety and trauma

Learning to move can help you overcome fear, stress, and anxiety. Life is a marathon race and not a sprint. Research indicates that less than 5% of adults spend 30 active minutes moving every day. Obesity, depression and unprocessed trauma can be conquered in part through being physically active.

Fear does not discriminate

Fear does not discriminate. Set out to limit a life well-lived, fear has fixed its sights on all of humanity. In reality, it does not favor children, or women or men, nor those who are introverts or even extroverts. Likewise, it doesn’t help to pretend you are not afraid. In fact, fear will not go away if you invalidate it or even when you try to cover it up.


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