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Insight can produce sparkle in your life

Do you want to live a life with sparkle and more joy? In this blog, I’ll show you how insight can make all the difference. Even more than foresight or hindsight, insight guides us in our fast-moving and complex world.

Wisdom opens the door to fearless living

Wisdom opens the door to fearless living.A mentor urged me over 20 years ago to ask God every day for wisdom, discernment, and insight. She told me that wisdom is worth searching for, that discernment is worth cultivating, and insight is worth its weight in gold.

I love asking questions. I heard once that the ability to ask a good question is the way to wisdom. This quote by Benjamin Disraeli reinforces that thought, “The fool wonders, the wise man asks.”

What I learned about fear and trauma

Fear can rob us of living if we allow it to do that. Our lives are like a seed buried deep within the soil.  For some water activates germination, for others it is fire and heat. In our family, an explosion took place in the form of an armed robbery. What was meant for harm ended up becoming something beautiful, who would’ve thought? It took a couple of years to emerge, but looking back now, I see God’s hand of love, protection, and healing.

Four years ago to the day, my daughter Emily and I were in an armed robbery in our home.  Tied up with medals on ribbons, I lay on top of my daughter directing the men in balaclavas to find what they were looking for in our home. In the blink of an eye, my perspective on safety, on rest, fear and joy changed. The journey to healing began with one small step at a time. How long does it take to heal from trauma? It’s different for everyone, but this much I do know – it takes time.  You cannot rush it.

Uncover the season you are in to live well

Seasons take us on a journey. Some are easier than others, and some catch us quite by surprise. Ever wondered what season you are in right now? In this post, I’ll uncover how you can discern your season and how to embrace it. Winter in the southern hemisphere means it is summer in the northern hemisphere. Different seasons for different people – what’s yours? Let me know.


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