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Is there something holding you back?

That was me a while back. I was a mom to young children; I had worked in marketing and PR but was a stay-at-home mom for a while. I volunteered at various NPO’s, and then we moved cities to lead a global missions organisation and church planting family, called All Nations. Along the way, through many challenges and an armed robbery, my health suffered, and full healing seemed elusive.

The turnaround came when I sought wholeness through counselling and coaching. I increased my exercise, focused on nutrition, took care of myself and built into my family and marriage. The Lord healed me from trauma and increased my desire to see families restored. The dream to encourage families and equip parents with valuable life skills expanded. I also longed to see people freed from fear in all its forms. Along the way, I started writing and sharing more about family and discipleship in South Africa, the Middle East, Scotland and other countries.

Where did this desire come from?

I ministered to moms in various ways over the years, including leading a dynamic “moms group” comprising about 75 moms with babies and toddlers. Through this and running multiple parenting courses, it stirred my passion for seeing families in all spheres of society become healthy. With a degree in communication, and being a qualified counsellor, I aim to continue to grow as a leader, mentor, author, and mother.

How can I help you?

Through my blog, speaking engagements and my books.
I regularly speak on courageous living, straddling the world of helping women live without fear and equipping parents to raise their children with loving wisdom.  Neil and I have the heart to reach out and mentor upcoming leaders and to see people fulfil the call of God (however it may look) in their lives.  Our family calls Stellenbosch, South Africa, home but all four of us carry the nations of the world in our hearts.
I love good food, great conversations, and spontaneous adventures.
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