A VUCA world and parenting, what a combo!

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Parents, it’s wild out there. 

“What do you mean”, you say? I’m not sure how you feel, but to me, the world is shaking. It’s a VUCA world for sure.  A VUCA world stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment. Doesn’t that describe how things are right now?

It’s hard to parent when the threats are real. And in a time of VUCA, we need a fresh mindset, a new skillset. Many are describing the times we are living in as an age of too much.

Too much pressure.Baby crawling

Too much uncertainty.

From uncertainty to clarity and understanding

I empower parents to raise world changers. It’s an intentional journey of personal transformation with parenting skills that keeps the connection with their children. And in the age of too much, I realized that I am passionate about encouraging women to take a step back, think about their lives and family, and choose an intentional, courageous living plan.  

However, the first way that we can do that is to discern the season that we are in. We need an understanding of the world out there and in our home. Just as the sons of Issachar had analyzed their times and had perceived correctly what those times were all about, we can do that too. The sons of Issachar knew what to do because they understood what was happening. (see 1 Chronicles 12:32)

Parents, we need to do the same.

What is VUCA World?VUCA world

It’s Volatile

Firstly, it is volatile. This refers to the speed of change and turbulence. The more volatile things are, the faster things change. In parenting, it is no different. Everything around the way we view family and gender is different and changing regularly. 

From my latest book, Parenting World Changers, I wrote:

In an insightful article, Focus on the Family quoted Caitlin Ryan, a gay activist, clinical social worker and researcher at San Francisco State University who spoke of this shift in the cultural mindset: “I think the fluidity of gender is the next big wave in terms of adolescent development… Gender has become part of the defining way that youth organize themselves and rebel against adults.” In the confusion, a new generation is wanting to grow up ‘trans.’

It’s Uncertain

Secondly, it is full of uncertainty. Think about how confidently predict the future? The more uncertain things are, the harder to predict the future becomes. Who could’ve imagined 2020 would turn out as it did?

Let’s break it down to family life; how are you now viewing education? Everything feels uncertain in the educational sphere and its impact on our children. We must help them navigate going to school, staying home, online education or no education. It’s sometimes too much, and the mental fallout for our children is vast. 

I have a friend who works in the anxiety sphere with children. She reports that the anxiety and depression levels in children has grown tremendously and is putting a strain on many areas of society.

Then Complex

Third, it is a complex world. In the complexity theory, various factors have to take into account, and the relationships between them change. 

Again, in my book, Parenting World Changers, I wrote a chapter on Parenting within the Complexity Science. “So what does change do that makes us feel breathless or to search for an anchor: Change spins us upside down and often inside out. Witnessing and living with your children changing almost every day as they physically grow, emotionally mature, and intellectually develop their own thoughts sometimes makes us feel like we are in a vortex. The journey they are on in a short 18 years is undoubtedly an exciting one, albeit, a sometimes scary one for us.” 

And Ambiguous

Finally, in a VUCA world, ambiguity plays a significant role. It involves the lack of clarity on how to interpret something, where the information needed is incomplete. In the family space, nothing is clear anymore. How are you going to help your children adapt to the changing landscape of the world? How do you guide them through a minefield of challenges to success and flourish? It is possible, but I believe that it involves intentional parenting.

“Ambiguity is not, today, a lack of data, but a deluge of data.” ― Paul Gibbons, 

I’m running a free parenting webinar on this topic and would love you to join me. In it, I offer parents tips on how to overcome and thrive in a VUCA world, you can implement what you learn immediately. 

For now, consider these few pointers:

Mom and daughterBreathe- and I mean that literally. Take a few deep breaths, make a cup of tea and reflect on life and the way you want to raise your children or live.

Create an intentional parenting plan with steps to overcome VUCA. 

A mom on my parenting course sent me this message the other day: “I am more aware of my identity as a parent, and we are spending more time together as a family. We are now intentional in switching off any devices during family time and pay attention to our children. They are looking forward to our time as a family, and they are sharing more stuff with us that we were not aware of.”

In a VUCA world, parents need extra grit & self-care. I believe this to be true. How are you taking care of yourself?  

 In the words of my friend, Tiffany, “Aren’t we always just becoming better versions of ourselves. If we let life and pain and trial and conflict mould us. If we strengthen ourselves in the Lord amid the junk, then we begin to live more holistically, in ways we didn’t know were possible. So, the lesson for today from the messy life of Tiffany: never stop rounding out your personhood. Keep on growing. The world will thank you when you actually begin changing it.”

PS. I’m running another such webinar on Raising World Changers in VUCA world. Best of all, it is for free. If you would like to attend, then sign up here.



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