10 great clues to live without fear

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Would you like a few clues about how to live without fear? It seems like actually living like this doesn’t come naturally to most people. For some, learning to overcome seems to be a bit overwhelming.  However, others find that their worries or fears seem to overtake them, disabling them to live and dream.10 clues to live without fear

I met a woman recently paralyzed by this very thought.  After undergoing hip replacement surgery, she is now being told by her doctors that the second one is imminent.  Tearfully, she explained what she was feeling by saying, “I can understand how fear immobilizes you because I’m experiencing it right now.  I want to make sure it doesn’t affect me like that anymore.”  Therefore, if you are wondering how you could live without fear, then carry on reading.

Ten clues to living a fearless life

  1. Forgive quickly and often.  I’ve learned that forgiveness is key to many types of healing.  Forgiveness sets us free because it starts the heart healing process.  Learning to forgive gives us the ability to move forward.  A forgiven heart is a forgiving heart, and that means that we can only truly forgive when we realize how much we have been forgiven.
  2. Smile and laugh every day.  Happy hormones come from laughing.  Just waking up to a new day is reason enough to smile.  Make an effort to smile and not take yourself or life so seriously.
  3. Cultivate a thankful heart.  Studies show that a thankfulness leads to a more satisfied life.  Look around you for things to be thankful for and consciously choose to be grateful.
  4. Live generously.   This clue to fearless living is a powerful one:  generous people are happier than those who live for themselves.  Generous people give more than what is expected of them.  It’s not only about giving financially but also giving from your heart.  Be generous with your resources, your love, and your talents.
  5. Set a few goals.  Doing this will give you a long-term vision and short-term motivation. It could be a decision to run a race that you’ve never done before, to lose some weight, to start a new business or even to challenge yourself to expand your friendship circle.
  6. Embrace healthy relationships.  One of the ways, you could overcome fear is to embrace healthy relationships.  Look at the people in your life and consider the those that you want to grow or change.  Healthy relationships have clear communication, mutual respect, and understanding, generous heartedness towards one another, trust, love, and boundaries in place.10 clues to live without fear
  7. Learn to love deeply.  The English language is limited in its expression of love.  We have an affectionate, familial quality of love.  Then there is the reciprocal quality of love you feel for a friend.  Another form of love is the passionate, erotic, romantic flavor of love. And the most incredible of it all is the wide-open unconditional love.  This kind of love cannot be earned.  Paulo Coelho describes Agape Love in his book The Pilgrimage:  “Agape is total love, the love that devours those that experience it. Whoever knows and experiences Agape sees that nothing else in this world is of any importance, only loving. This was the love that Jesus felt for humanity, and it was so great that it shook the stars and changed the course of man’s history.”
  8. Follow Jesus.  Jesus shows us how to live a life of love and a life without fear.  Throughout the Scriptures, we read about humankind being afraid.  God knows that we tend to worry, become so scared or anxious very quickly.  Jesus showed us the way to live as He walked on earth, fully God and fully man.  Most importantly follow His leading and Words.  He tells us in Mark 5:36 “Do not fear, only believe.”
  9. Confront your fears.  The thing about fear is that it expertly hides.  It lurks in the shadows holding you captive.  Gain courage to confront them.  The first step comes by acknowledging what they are and then embarking on a journey to overcome them.  You can conquer fear!
  10. Finally, celebrate life.  We only have one life to live.  So, celebrate being alive.  Before you were born, God prepared good works in advance for you to do.  The potential within you is like a seed.  Cultivate it so that the dreams God placed in your heart can blossom. Don’t let fear rob you of living a full life.  Therefore, take moments to celebrate life!

Let me know which one of these clues speak to you the most.  I’d like to invite you to sign up to my blog for regular inspiration and would love to hear your thoughts about how you live a FearLess life

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