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 “I never would have imagined that one of my greatest trials could truly turn into something positive. For the longest time, I felt that trauma, suffering and fear marked my life … I felt stuck; however, over time, I realised that the marks I carried were clues to my purpose. Hope arose. I chose to embrace the journey and grew into a woman who strives to love, serve and encourage others to live life fully, despite life’s challenges. I want to spur courageous living in your life, and in the way you raise your children.”

Click here to look at my latest book, Courage in the Fire:  Overcoming a fear-driven life aimed at helping you conquer your fears. 

Join me in living courageously and learn how to thrive in this world. 

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Five ways to stay the ’emotional tsunami’ from Covid-19.

Five ways to stay the ’emotional tsunami’ from Covid-19.

Our future leaders are in our homes today. Love them well and see our children thrive.

A clinical psychologist, Suntosh Pillay, working in the public sector in KwaZulu-Natal expressed a view in an article on City Press that the Covid-19 has caused an “emotional tsunami”, which places another stress on an already tense society.

“We must never talk about keeping people physically healthy without a parallel conversation about keeping people emotionally well. We need to keep [the] conversation around mental health alive on all levels,”

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Parenting with Courage

A fresh and contemporary book about raising children. This book will guide you through the ages, the stages and provide you with valuable tools. This is for the experienced parent or a parent-to-be.


Have you wondered how you can live out the dreams in your heart?

Overcoming a fear-driven life is possible. If you want to walk free from fear, then this timeous book is for you.

Join my courageous living journey. Let’s learn together.

Reader’s views of Mandi’s books

Courage in the Fire: Overcoming a fear-driven life,” is an absolute must-read. Mandi vulnerably shares her personal story and gives amazing tools and strategies to overcome a life dictated by fear. It’s a timeous, hope-filled book that I can truly recommend if you battle with fear and anxiety and want to walk in strength and freedom.  This book will set many people free.

Ilse van den Berg

Journalist & Story-teller

Every person will deal with fear in their lives. Courage in the Fire lays a solid foundation in providing an understanding of fear and then, with wisdom and biblical truth, it helps one develop practical strategies to combat fear. Packed with the authenticity of real-life struggles this is a grace-filled, scripture saturated manual with a powerful potential to set you free!

Graeme Schnell

CEO, Africa Focus on the Family

Parenting with Courage is a great book!

It is relevant and concise with honest stories. It shows you helpful ways through the parenting journey and points you to God, the source of all wisdom.

Defiintely worth a read!

Deborah (Mom of two)

Cape Town

Focus on the Family

Duncan Stewart


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